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Preparing - Senior Gals




Below are some guidelines to follow as you prepare for you senior photo session. Follow these guidelines to make the most out of your Senior Portrait Session with Buckett Photography. 


Arrive Early - If you are scheduled from 3 - 4:00 and show up late or not ready, you will have less time in front of the camera. 


Clothing - Solids photograph better than anything, especially if the client is wearing a complimentary color. With today's fashion of bold patterns and lots of color, don't be afraid to wear 1 or 2 trendy outfits, but remember these will be archived by your family forever and trends change. Bring a few outfits of choice with a variety of color. Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing, except for your own school logo.  Vary the style of your outfits. All one look (like tank tops) gets boring. Vary the dress level also, dressy, dress-casual, and casual are all good categories to aim for. However, don’t dress in something that doesn’t represent you.   Really, it's ok to pack an entire suitcase.  Then we have lots from which to choose!


Forget the nylons! They are a hassle! Plus, they will not show in your portraits. So there is no reason to bring them. 


We will have a set amount of time. This means if you change fast, then you get more variety. If you spend all day changing, you will have less time in front of the camera. Most people can do 3-4 outfits per hour. Bring double the amount of outfits that you think we will use. This way we have more variety to pick from for your session. 


When photo shoots are on location, do know that I have a pop up changing room so you can change in private.


Some shots are close up, others are full length. Plan your outfits completely from head to toe.  Yes, remember the proper footwear!


Group your outfits together ON HANGERS. Make sure they are ironed before you come to the shoot. 


Clothing Styles - Make sure your clothing fits properly and is flattering. Clothing that fits too loosely will give the appearance of extra weight. Clothing that fits too tightly will show the things you want to hide. If you are even the slightest bit concerned with size, then wear tops with sleeves. Straps, halter-tops and sleeveless shirts will make your arms and neck appear much larger than they are. Today's styles are full of tops with straps or no sleeves. It's ok to wear these for 1 or 2 outfits, but bring other tops with sleeves. 

Wild to mild. Remember that these photos will be around, on walls and in wallets, for a long time. We will photograph everything from prom dresses to swimsuits. What one person likes may not be appropriate for the next person. Keep in mind who will be looking at these and note that when choosing your outfits. We do recommend at least one parent pleaser outfit!


Hair - Don't change your hairstyle right before your portrait session. Let it be natural. Artificially bleached hair is often not best. In 10 years you might say "What was I thinking?" If you need a haircut, then do it about two weeks before your session. This will give your hair plenty of time to grow out of the "freshly cut" stage. Most seniors are picky about their hair, and it’s your complete responsibility. You may take time for minor touch ups or change of style if you wish, but keep in mind that your session is a limited amount of time. 


Make Up - All photo sessions, except the most basic, include make up.  Even if don't normally wear any, you will need to for your session.  Our make up artist knows how to apply camera ready make up to make you look your best.


Accessories - Bring them along.  Layers make for great portraits.


Feel free to bring hats! To avoid "hat hair", we will do those poses at the end of your session. 


Sunglasses, piercings and other body jewelry, watches, bracelets, and even tattoos are all great because they are a part of your look. Just know that your parents may not share the same view about these items. So be prepared to take some images without them. Think of your session as an art of compromise. If you do some without the accessories that your parents may not like, then they will let you wear what you do like. 


If you wear glasses all of the time, then you will definitely want to wear them for at least a few of your senior portraits. To eliminate glare and the cost of retouching, check with your optometrist to see if the doctor can "loan" you a pair of empty frames or have the lenses removed from your frames to completely avoid glass glare. If you choose to wear your glasses with the lenses, please know that I do my best to make sure there is no glare, but it can happen.


Undergarments - It is amazing how many times someone will wear flowered underwear and not realize it is a problem until they go to put on their WHITE PANTS, or come in wearing a white bra and put on a black sleeveless shirt. Please, bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the best. Also, if you need a strapless bra, then bring one with you. When you tuck the straps down, it usually shows and looks bad. 


Finger & Toe Nails – Nails show and this is one area you may not think about. If they are dirty or chipped, then it will show. Some casual shots are done barefoot or in flip flops, so don't forget about your toes. Avoid  bright colors. Natural, basic, or French tips work the best. We don't want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails, and they may not look great with your next outfit!! 


Sunburn/Tanning - Tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your shirt and sock lines to minimize any tan lines. If you do end up with tan lines wear clothing that will match them. Remember not to overdo your sun exposure near your session to avoid sunburn. Sunburn and peeling skin DO NOT photograph well. Also, over tanned skin does not photograph welll. 


Braces - If you have braces, then they are as much a part of you as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. Don't be self conscious about smiling!  If they truly bother you, they can be edited out for an additional fee.


Blemishes - We retouch blemishes, so don't worry about minor breakouts. 

What about props? - Bring along your props, vehicle, sports equipment, or anything that you would like to include in your senior portrait experience.   Please inform us before the shoot so we are prepared with any props!


Friends & Parents - Parents are welcome. They can help.   But, we ask that friends stay at home.  This is your time to shine and we're happy to schedule a Best Friends session at another date.


What if it Rains? - If the weather seems to be a problem, then please feel free to call.


Reminder:  Your session fee must be paid within five business days of scheduling your portrait session. If your session fee is not received within the required amount of time, then your session appointment time cannot be saved. 


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